2020 Ford Escape right here next week.

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Just got invited a few days ago to see the all new 2020 Ford Escape in person next week.
I will be reporting on it, with pictures and videos as well.

So far, we know it pretty much shares its interior with the European 2019 Ford Focus (not sold here anymore)
And there will be a plug-in hybrid version available.

I will try to answer any questions you might have about the 2020 Escape when I see it and get to talk to
Ford people.

Prototype pictures HERE and HERE.

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  1. Vince, do not forget please to take close up photos that they actually do not allow you to see the whole car from any reasonable angle. It is more artistic and cool that way.

  2. I think the shape of the new Escape is better than the current version. Hopefully the build quality and interior refinement are better as well.

  3. How do you think it will compare to the new Mazda CX-30 – interior quality, cargo area? Will the cargo area be flat with seats down? Will it be hybrid? Impressions of the dashboard business, seats and visibility. Does it have a silly shifter sticking up in the center console?

  4. Not sure yet, since it's not even out. But I think the Escape compares more to the CX-5.
    The CX-30 is 173 inches long.
    And the CX-5 is almost 179.
    The current Escape is 178.

    No one knows anything for sure about the 2020 Escape size. But I wouldn't expect it to shrink.

  5. This is looking more like a tall wagon such as the Kia Niro than a more traditional crossover shape. I'd be interested to see how it looks next to the competition.

  6. VB, do you agree that the 2020 Bronco then will be revealed at the NY Auto Show if you're previewing the Escape next week?

  7. I kinda like the looks of the current Escape. The two things i am not a fan of are the tiny turbo engines which work hard and don't come close to getting the claimed fuel economy. Bring back the small torquey V6s, such as the 3.0L V6 in the previous Escape, but refine it to Toyota V6 smoothness, power, reliability and fuel efficiency. Other thing is the current Escape's dorky dashboard. No need for a goofy, swoopy, Alien cockpit stupidity. Keep it simple, straight forward, uncluttered and of good material quality such as the Mazda CX-5 OR even the 2019 Subaru Forester , Nissan Rogue, etc styling of the dashboard and gauges.

  8. Sorry to say, but V6s in compact SUVs are not coming back. Ever ( I think)
    About the V6. Even the RAV-4 got rid of it. And Subaru is getting rid of their super smooth and refined 3.6 Liter.
    (A friend of mine just got a 3.6 Liter V6 Outback and that engine is amazing…)

    Look at my link on the post. You can already see the interior of the 2020 Escape. Which is not "alien" but pretty sad looking…

    About the Bronco. I am not sure when they will show it. But you are right. Unless they don't want two big unveiling at the same show. The Escape is super popular, and people have been waiting for that Bronco for years.
    This would be two "main events" at the same show… (or just a couple of weeks apart)

  9. If you get to drive this, it would be cool to see how the hybrid in this will compare to the one in the Toyota. I might be wrong, but I get the impression that they will try to make the hybrid in this car more performance oriented like the new Rav 4 Hybrid than fuel efficient like the CR-V hybrid that Honda has shown off in Paris and Shanghai. If this is more fun to drive than a traditional hybrid, it will be my next lease, unless the CR-V hybrid has more go and handles better.

  10. I have heard rumors of an Ford Escape ST model with a manual transmission…ask a few questions please!!

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