2020 Ford Escape teasers

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 So far this looks really good.
Not trucky at all, and very car like. Which it should be since it will basically replace not only the current Escape but also the Fusion and Focus in their US lineup.
(The trucky ones will be the Bronco and that smaller “baby Bronco” one coming out later.)
This basically looks like a sleek high riding compact wagon.
Competing more with Subaru than other SUVs. So it seems.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be seeing it in person next week and will report on it…

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  1. They should at least offer body-color cladding as an option–and get the dealers to stock some. So what if it looks like a small tall wagon.

  2. I can't wait to see this compared to the awd Prius, hybrid Rav 4, subaru forestor, the Crosstrek hybrid, and the upcoming hybrid CR-V, as those are my future choices of hybrid vehicles that I might want to lease.

  3. Looks like a Niro from the side, those wheels look kiaish too. Weird evolution from the current model.

  4. Ford has gotten very long in the tooth and I was mourning the loss of the Focus since I like hatches. This, however, is very nice. Of course, if you really like the existing model you'll probably be disappointed.

  5. Carl is right, likewise I'm sure many current RAV4 owners who like the one they have probably will be disappointed in the new, more aggressively styled one. Strange to change the styling of a specific model so dramatically, but many others have done it (Nissan Pathfinder goes back and forth between serious off-roader and mommy-mobile almost every generation) with reasonable success. I think Ford will make the Ecosport, Escape and Edge more carlike to supplant the Fiesta, Focus and Fusion and save the off-roader looks for the upcoming Bronco family, at least one of which will likely use this same Escape platform. It's also nice to see how differentiated this Escape will be from the upcoming Lincoln Corsair! Ford might be on a roll.

  6. Beginning to look like another “elliptical” looking design “Plain Jane” styling for the new Escape. Take a page from Honda’s design book! Fugly and ugly. Ugh!

  7. Okay let's see…. I'm digging it… especially with the focus now gone… Vince do we know the dimensions yet? that's what I want to know… seems scary if it's going more car like, don't want to loose the SUV part.

    Sheesh, you can for sure say that the Escape has gone through a seesaw of dimension changes since it's introduction.

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