2020 Karma Revero

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The 2020 model is the dark one above.

Despite what Karma describes as ” new lines and curves”, it doesn’t seem to be more than some mid-cycle (a long cycle) facelift.
Like a new front and rear design, new mirrors and a revised interior.
The powertrain is supposed to be new. With, I guess, a longer EV range.

Not how good of a car the Karma actually is, but it is always a treat to see on the road.
And I am glad they are making more.

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  1. I'm turned off that 2 other companies "bastardize" this model, first with Bob Lutz (converting this to a gas engine Chevy V8 model) and now with the Karma brand.

  2. I hope that Karma's B.S. about working on a solid state battery that recharges in a few minutes and has a range over 500 miles is going to be true one day.

  3. It may just be the angle and the lighting, but it looks like they've smoothed the bulge in the rear door and the faint line under the front door handle. Too bad.

    The new front lights make the hood look longer and less like its eyes are bugging out.

    They do a nice job of hiding the B pillar and rear window post on the red one.

  4. Always preferred the style of the Karma over anything Tesla. The Karma always had a great shape and made me think it looked more like a 4 door Corvette

  5. Talking with Tesla customers waiting for their S to be service, repaired, I going to wat till a new re-design model come out! Lots of issues with the Model S still!

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