2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe

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Another nice looking Porsche.
The design is not a surprise, after seeing so many spy shots and illustrations for so long.
But it does look quite nice.
I guess this is a new weird trend, making a sleeker version of SUVs and calling them coupes.
Even weirder is the pricing, since this “Coupe” version is actually about $10 000 more than the regular, roomier Cayenne.
While it probably doesn’t cost more to build.
The “regular” model is a 3.0 V6 Turbo with 340HP.
While the “Turbo” model gets a V8 turbo with 550HP.
So, they both have a turbo, but only the V8 is actually called “Turbo”.
( so stupid…)
Rear passengers seat about an inch lower than in the regular Cayenne. And a glass roof is standard. (again, for $10 000 more)
I can only imagine how huge is the profit margin on this thing…

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  1. My theory is that once some people get used to driving tall, they don't want to go back to a low level car, period, so this will become the new sedan. The higher price is for the added noticeable exclusivity.

    Pretty low ground clearance for an SUV, which is fine in the sunbelt.

    That's one narrow footwell and high, wide console. Don't they want pro basketball players to fit in them? Bizarre center air vents.

  2. This "Sport Coupe" SUV craze needs to end. This is blasphemy! If you want a real sport coupe, get a real coupe and leave the SUV's alone. The world would be better off without vehicles like the X4, X6, Q4, X2, and this Porsche abomination.

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