2020 Tata Altroz

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Indian manufacturer Tata has just revealed their new “premium urban car” called the Altroz.
And I think it looks very nice.
Since, even though they describe as “premium”, this will be a pretty inexpensive car.
Competing with cars like lower-end versions of the Honda Fit. (Not the super cheap Datsun models)
I think they did a really good job giving the car a quite modern and engaging design.
Power will come from a small 1.2 Liter engine.

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  1. Tata did a great job with this one. The interior reminds me of the upcoming Ford Focus, hopefully it sells well because Tata with all its Land Rover/Jaguar problems needs a win.

  2. First time I've seen the black plastic under-window mouldings since the first Volt.. and for some reason I really like it!

  3. Unlike many Chinese designs, Indian designed cars have something distinct, fresh and modern. I like the unconventional approach of this.

  4. I like it! Are we falling behind the Indians for styling prowess? Oh wait, that's a moot point because small hatches–like all cars– are being abandoned by American manufacturers—until petroleum prices spike again.

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