2020 Toyota Corolla Trek

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Toyota is getting ready to unveil the new Trek version of the Corolla wagon in Europe.
It looks like they have their eye on Subaru with this new model.
Which is a size right in between the CrossTrek and Outback.
Competing, in Europe, with the VW Golf Alltrack. 
Not sure if it offers AWD, but I guess it would. Since the Prius, based on the same platform, does. 
Raising up the already good looking wagon doesn’
t seem top ruin it.
It’ is really too bad they are pushing SUVs at all cost in the US. Since this could have been a nice addition.
Especially as a Hybrid. ([ictured here)
I mean really, I am sure a 50MPG AWD wagon could be pretty popular here as well. 

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  1. I'm sure they're watching the Regal Tour X sales closely to determine whether to bring the Corolla Touring to the US. LOL! They should be looking at the Crosstrek/Forester and VW Alltrack instead, and should bring the Trek version of both the Hatchback and Touring over just to rub it in VW's face (since Trek used to create special-edition Golfs ad Jettas for them).

  2. I could stand the massive black mate wheel cladding on the Buick Regal Tour. There were no options to remove it from the car.

  3. SO far, no AWD planned for Europe (people don't really seem to care that much in these "Cross" versions), but the Prius system, or even the more powerful RAV4 system, should be basically plug and play when the market demands it….

  4. I'd consider one with HybridAWD, as long as it doesn't get the usual cheap Toyota interiors.

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