2020/21 Kia Optima

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A new Hyundai Sonata means there is a new Kia Optima around the corner.
And here it is.
Although still wearing tons of camouflage, inside and out.
As usual, it will share its platform and engines with the new Sonata.
So far that’s pretty much all we have…

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  1. The floating rear d-pillar looks kind of similar to the floating c-pillar on the Ceed concept. But it also looks perverted by the limitations of this being based on the Sonata's jelly-bean profile. I love the new Sonata, and I hope Kia finds a way to make this work. I think the next Stinger should just be the Ceed concept, a shooting brake concept car looking design.

  2. Hey Caddy,

    Look – the upcoming Optima has a REAL window in the C pillar….what's your excuse?

    Beyond the above, while I thought the current gen Optima was a really nice evolution of the 2011 car – I'm hopeful this one breaks new ground in the way the 2011 model did.

  3. The floating roof starting from the 2011 Optima. Now you see it in the Jeep Patriot, Acura RDX, GMC Terrain, Nissan Altima, Nissan Maxima,

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