2020/21 Kia Sorento

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As you can see, it is way too early to tell what the next Sorento will really look like.
Under all that camouflage…
The new Sorento will not be Kia’s “big SUV” anymore since the Telluride is now available.
It might even lose it’s available 3rd row of seats and be more like the new Hyundai Santa Fe.
A roomy 5 seater.

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  1. with Peter Schreyer still head of designing at Kia/Hyundai, we can be pretty sure that the 'all new' one will look very close to the existing one.

    Like Audi / VW / and especially BMW, the words 'all new design' don't have much meaning. Very staid!

  2. The sorento does not share anything with an SUV it is simply a rounded up grand caravan with regular side doors

  3. The Sorento used to share platforms with the outgoing Santa Fe XL, but since the Telluride now shares platforms with its replacement the Palisade, the next one will share platforms with the new Santa Fe. The previous Santa Fe Sport didn't have a Kia counterpart, so now their SUV offerings are on par with each other.

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