Aurus Senat

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A peak of vulgarity would be to drive a blatant and cheaper copy of a Rolls Royce. 
Or the same car as Vladimir Putin.
With the Aurus Senat, you get both.
Since it is the cheap looking Rolls copy Putin is being driven around with.
The car is actually on display at the Geneva Auto Show right now.
The company is taking orders and hope to eventually produce 5000 cars a year (good luck)
The price you ask? Well, as expected, much lower than anything Rolls Royce makes. Since it is rumored to start at around $160 000.
Still, a lot of money for what it is…

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  1. Porsche designed the engine for it and who knows what else. It's should be a great Rolls Royce clone, sadly the Toyota Century also plays in the Rolls clone business.

  2. Does that price include the armor plating? (serious question)

    It may be a copy, but I'm surprised the Ruskies could put something together that well. Wiki says the engine was developed with Porsche.

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