Chevrolet Camaro 2.0 Liter Track package test drive.

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 I have always been a fan of the current Camaro design.
Sure, it does have some drawbacks in daily driving, like a major lack of visibility (more on that later), But it does look good.

I am not a fan of black wheels, spoilers etc.. But this track model I drove for a week actually looked
very nice. And not overdone for what it is.
(Which could be hard to say about a car with a black hood)

 The interior is basically the standard $27 500 2LT model.
With a $4500 track package.
So the screen is rather small. But that’s OK. Everything works well and it does come with Apple CarPlay.
The stereo sounds just OK for a standard unit.

The plastics are all pretty hard. But again, expected.

 What is also expected is a tiny back seat.
( I didn’t even try it…)

 Less expected is the weirdly shaped trunk opening. And super tiny trunk size.
Which is really weird, and just too bad…

This is basically a 2 seater sports car with extra emergency seats in the back.
And a small trunk “just in case”.

 The track package comes with a really nice suede steering wheel and shifter.

 While, surprisingly, the 2LT model already comes with heated and cooling leather seats.

 As I mentioned earlier, the lack of visibility takes getting used to.
But I did. After a couple of days, this wasn’t that much of a problem.

As I don’t take cars on the track (and have no interest to do so), I was more interested to see if such a sporty version of the Camaro could actually be a decent daily driver.
The 2.0 Turbo is wonderful in the Camaro. It sounds great and refined, and produces plenty of power at all time.

The 6-speed manual is a joy to use in daily driving. The steering is of course quite heavy. And feels great.
The Track mode might be a bit much for most people as it firms up the steering even more, but somehow, the suspension actually feels a bit more comfortable.

The whole car feels like a super solid tank when you drive it.
Which is so weird to hear such a tiny, weirdly plasticky sound when you close the doors.
(It almost sounds like a kit car from the ’70s…)

The 2.0 Liter Camaro 6 speed is rated at 20/30 MPG.
I was never able to reach 20MPG in the city. As far as I am concerned, it is impossible.
The best I got was 16. (driving like grandma)
But I did get 30 on the freeway. 
All I can say is that I had a blast driving it all week.
It is a wonderfully fun car to drive. 
It feels great and sounds great. Visibility IS a big problem for many people.
But I see it as part of the car’s personality. (This is not a car for everyone. )
But those who like it will really have fun driving every day.

While the 2.0 with track package is a pretty good deal at $32 000, I bet the Camaro 2.0 is still a lot of fun without the package.
The 2LT coupe 6 speed for $27 500 would be an even better deal. 
( Although I would spend some cash on a better stereo)
It is really great to know there are still a few super fun cars to drive available at a reasonable price. 

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  1. Looks awesome. One tiny nit pick from me: Can't stand the all grey interior. Altho i did Google some 2019 Camaro interior photos and see that there are red or tan leather seats and matching door trim inserts , which i'm guessing would be on the higher end trims. OH!…and tell Chevy to bring back the Hydra-Matic Automatic floor shifter such as the one in my brother's 1969 Camaro . Many fond memories of that cool shifter as a kid. Finally got to drive that '69 Camaro when i turned 18, but what a dog it was with the wimpy 307 motor: L14 307 cu in (5.0 L) V8 200 hp. Still, i was happy to get drive an old Camaro 🙂

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