Chevrolet Camaro Track

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I have been driving this for a few days.

I really did not expect to enjoy it that much since I don’t actually take cars on tracks. As I am more interested in daily drivers.

But this is a lot of fun. Despite a few things, of course…

(It is not for everyone)

As usual, I will answer any questions you might have.

And will post a full review soon.

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  1. Beethoven's 7th is rightly ominous for such a dark, ominous interior and lack of visibility, while much too refined and beautiful for the lowly, shallow Camaro, but possibly appropriate for the wind and pending setting sun on the ocean water….

  2. Rented the same blue SS for a Wk. That Console! The trunk opening! the low spoiler! the low roof!
    It is snappy on the uptake and sounds good! I like it stays remarkably flat and composed still too bad it's materials are obviously built to a price.
    Looks like a teen might like it wonder if they could afford it.
    I can't think of the last time anyone desired a camaro, Rental folks told me the Challengers are the most popular and were already gone.
    That console!

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