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The cool images I found this weekend:
A couple of very nice 60’s Cadillac convertibles.
A hatchback Mustang Concept.
An early design proposal for the first generation Ford Fiesta.

Some weirdo pick-u/convertible Pontiac Trans-Am conversion.
A couple of “what could have been ” Mercedes coupes.
A strange canvas top option for the Citroen DS.
And a really fun tag line for a tire ad…

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  1. My grandmother had a '64 Cadillac hardtop. When it was weeks old, she backed over my tricycle (a neighbor kid left it there, not me) and punched a whole in the gas tank.

    IMO the prettiest fins since the 1949's, replaced by the butch '65 ones. The rear overhang is astounding, but the trunks were shallow.

  2. Damn, that Fiesta was hideous.. looks like a smaller, pudgier Chevette. But I love the Mustang and DS!

  3. I've never seen that black Mercedes coupe. Might not have been imported.

    The Citreon looks like something the aliens from the Simpsons would drive. I used to think that about the Nissan Cube, but this is a better fit for them, particularly with the giant sunroof.

    It's appeared in two shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Mentalist.

  4. excellent post, do more like these! The Cadillacs look amazing, so stately, especially the maroon one. Amazing to compare those to the European cars of the same era, e.g. FIAT 600s. VWs, etc. The shooting brake SL is interesting as well. and leave it to the French for coming up with that roll up roof on the DS

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