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Found this week on Instagram.
A few forgotten oddballs.
Like the VW Urban SUV designed by Peter Schreyer (No doubt it became the Kia Soul later)
A forgotten cute Toyota Concept
A Mexican AMC car! The Lerma??
A cute little rear engine Simca 1000
A poor abandoned Renault Fuego
And the long forgotten Talbot Tagora…

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  1. love these posts, talk about blasts from the past. Keep them coming!
    I had a 1982 Fuego Turbo – comfortable and actually fun to drive. Terrible build quality: one day, the circuit board with fuses and relays under the dash melted, taking away all brake lights. I had to reverse-engineer it and bypass the burned out section in order to get my stop lights working again. The turbo engine was fun, much better than comparable econoboxes of the late 80s.

  2. Wow! Kia Soul, generation Zero! This was definitely it's beginning, even before the 2006 Concept!

  3. First one isn't from Peter Scheryer, but from Brazilian VW designer Luis Alberto Veiga. He developed this concept in 207 at the Potsdam, a VW design studio located in Berlin, based on VW Fox, a Brazilian model deployed on PQ24 platform, being a cheaper option to the Polo (also sold in Mexico as VW Lupo). Peter was his boss, so probably he took some inspiration from it to design the Kia Soul.
    Check this link for more details, page in Portuguese.

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