How about even more pictures of the new 2020 Hyundai Sonata

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This looks better and better every time I look at it.
Let’s just hope the materials are up to the fantastic design.
I also hope the engines (heavily revised versions of the current ones) are as refined as the car looks.
I would say this could be very bad news fo the Accord and Mazda 6.
And I will do anything I can to test drive one as soon as I can…

The only bad news so far… The small trunk opening instead of a proper hatchback, Which would have fit the design perfectly…

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  1. This looks great, and for the first time, I think the all red tail lights of what looks like the “Sport” looks better than the Amber lights (I’m a big proponent of Amber, but at least the red signals are NOT brake lights).

    But, Oh man,Gooseneck trunk hinges??!!

  2. This looks great. THAT is how you do a giant grille. Not just a big blocked-off black plastic shape (cough cough Avalon), but actually shaped and detailed with taste.

    Yes, it's still a little wonky and polarizing overall, but I'm really glad Hyundai is being daring with some intentional, more elegant design. Something the new Elantra and Santa Fe do NOT do… But at least we're here now.

  3. Definitely an improvement in design, both exterior and interior, however it is just about time for the complete redesign of the Mazda 6. After seeing what Mazda has done with the Mazda 3 sedan,I am very optimistic that the 6 will be even better.
    To be honest, I think the Sonata's profile looks very similar to the Chevrolet Malibu, not that there is anything wrong with it, because the Malibu is easily one of the best looking midsize sedans available.

  4. Fishy front and droopy rear 3 quarters… other than that…. this is what is replacing Buicks in the US. If GM had a lick of sense, they could have retained their spot in this market.

  5. I think this is a sport version or something like that because the front fasciam rims and grill are different than the one that was reveled in corea some days ago.

  6. I really like this car. The sport model shown here would be improved with some fog lights down below to balance things out for appearance and better visibility

  7. is nice Korean model Hyundai sonata sedan new generation but we will see if it will be brought and the Old Continent [European Market] likely to arrive in September 2019 this year in the fall

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