Lagonda All Terrain Concept and Buick Regal Tour-X

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I know these two should never be compared.
I mean, a complete concept that would cost at least half a million dollars if ever produced.
And a $30 000 wagon from a mainstream brand.
Still, that’s exactly what I am doing.
For some reason, the first time I saw the profile/side windows on the Lagonda, it reminded me of the Buick/Opel…

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  1. I think it just goes to show that nowadays, often mainstream brands produce more attractive cars than premium brands; And I think the Regal/Insignia is indeed a looker…

  2. Vince, I understand why you would think that. To me, it's sort of like the Lagonda was the show car concept and the Regal TourX was the production version LOL

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