Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept

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Quite a mouthful of a name for Mitsubishi’s latest weirdo Concept.
Mitsubishi has been in trouble for many years. Producing irrelevant cars with sad designs.
(Things people usually avoid)
I know they are now part of the Nissan/Renault alliance, and that is probably great for them.
But if this concept is their idea of salvation, they might need more help than previously thought.
It is just weirdly blocky and blunt. And yet not very macho looking. (Like an angry little guy.)
And there is really nothing new or super attractive inside either.
The concept is a plug-in hybrid with a 43 miles EV range.
So nothing amazing there either.
They really need to offer something different and new.
How about a super long range plug-in hybrid? Something that gets at least a 75 miles range?
Or a bunch of pure EV SUVs using the Leaf powertrain?

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  1. I think this would look pretty neat and distinctive if the whole hood were 2 inches lower and the triple lights mushed together and bezel shrunk.
    The rear 3/4 view is reasonably attractive as is.

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