More pictures of the all new 2020 Hyundai Sonata

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Just a couple more pictures of the new Sonata.
Looking really good IMO.
The new model is longer, wider and lower than the current one. 
Making sedans sportier looking is the way to go these days
Just like Honda did with the Accord. Since most buyers seem to migrate to SUVs, the sedan is becoming what the coupe used to be: a sportier, more stylish alternative.
This is exactly what Hyundai has done. Good job.
More very soon…

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  1. While the new Sonata is a sharp looking car, and may be one of the best looking sedans out there, the coupe-like silhouette with its compromised rear seat room and narrow trunk opening is exactly why buyers are opting for crossovers and not sedans. In the end, the new Sonata is just a another nail, albeit a pretty one, in the segment’s coffin.

  2. Nice teasers, but they aren't real "pictures".

    They're computer-generated images.

    Might resemble the real thing, but it's not the actual car (in an actual photograph).

  3. The new Sonata looks like the Ford outgoing Fusion and Maserati Ghilibi. Have to see more pictures. Looks fabulous so far!

  4. AWD option would expand the new Sonata appeal with their competitor, Legacy and upcoming Mazda 6.

  5. Looks nice. Also wish it had a hatch option. Ford, GM and FCA are going to regret abandoning this segment when oil price goes up.

  6. Very nicely executed and cohesive design! Light years better than the Camry and cleaner than the Accord. And certainly as appealing as the Mazda 6!

  7. very good looking sedan. Front end and 3/4 side profile remind of a Ford Fusion. The back end reminds of a newer Lincoln. Jeez, I remember the very first Sonata…boxy, under powered, conservative looking and unreliable crap fest. Hyundai/Kia not quite up to Toyota & Honda reliability , but they are getting very close to it. When they match or surpass them , the Korean brand will not be the '' Almost as good, better value and bit cheaper then the Japanese brands'' mentality any more. Remember, Mazda also was the cheaper, fun little Japanese manufacturer behind the Big Three Japanese automakers for a very long time. Look at them now. 🙂

  8. I'm actually incredibly impressed with the front and rear ends of this Sonata, quite a nice step forward and very glad they retained the chrome hood extensions (with a nice LED surprise as well!). My only issue is the greenhouse in full profile view.. is it just me, or does it look like they had lots of leftover pre-cut window glass from the 2005-2008 Azera?

  9. Hyundai is on a serious roll! Can def see some Audi influence in there for sure! Plus, some vibes of the new G70, which I just drove home and absolutely LOVE! I think the back end could have been executed a bit more "united" to the rest of the design. It feels disconnected.

  10. It is very rare to see a production version f from a concept to out shine the prototype. I was expecting the next design Sonata to be watered down from the concept.

  11. Very nice!

    There are a couple of comments above that I agree with:
    1) An AWD option would certainly be welcome
    2) This will rank up there with the Mazda6 as one of the best looking midsize sedans on the market

    I'm glad to see that Hyundai bucked the fake floating roof trend! I saw a new Nissan Altima recently, and it looked horrible!

    An AWD wagon version would be an awesome addition, but I'm sure it won't happen (at least, not in the US).

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