More pictures of the new Buick Velite 6

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These are new pictures of the Buick Velite 6 for the Chinese market.
Showing the car and its interior. But especially, the giant glass roof.
Something like this, or even a sunroof, was never available on the Volt. (Something many owners were asking for)
And it still not available on the Bolt. (The concept version had one)
Not sure if this Buick will end up or not in the US. But after their Opel models are gone, they might actually really need something…

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  1. The overall shape is great, but the details are a little too "son of Prius." Dial it back a notch with the front and rear bumpers and this would be really nice.

    They'd have to jack it up an inch and put some body cladding on it to pretend it's a crossover for the US market, though.

  2. "Son of Prius" nails it, although I'd say ugly stepchild.

    Plus, I count 5 profile sheetmetal creases. Enough already!

  3. Is this Volt or Bolt EV based?
    You called out both, I assume
    it's based on the Bolt EV
    since it has a usable back seat.

  4. I would think there'd be a market in the US for a tall wagon with a low floor, but the Toyota Venza didn't sell. It's exactly what I'd like–with toned down styling.

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