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Yes. Jusat hours before the official reveal, we are getting this Model Y teaser. 
I posted a Model 3 picture right underneath so we can compare the two.

The new Y does look taller. But it still could just be a raised up Model 3 with a hatchback.
( Like I suspect)

Ground clearance still seems pretty low. So this won’t be competing with the Outback any time soon.

Obviously, I will be posting much more on this very soon…

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  1. they might as well have shown the whole thing…. 2 take aways:
    1) it does not have a cargo-friendly "wagon" shape to nudge it fully into the compact SUV category.
    2) Having a hatchback with that non-SUV-like, car-like form will make the model 3 somewhat obsolete.

  2. I will take it! Cannot wait to give Elon aka Tesla Motors my deposit! Rumor of already 2 year wait before announcement at 9:00 PST and estimate that a day after the announcement it will go to 5 years waiting!

  3. Total BS.

    A waiting list is a result of the link between demand and production capacity.
    -We don't know the demand on this car yet (no one does)
    -We have no idea when production starts. Or even where.
    Since the current factory is running at more than full capacity (they had to add a tent.
    It will probably come from the new Chinese factory.)
    – Once started, we still don't know how many they will be able to produce every year.

    Without any of that info, claiming 2 or 5 years waiting list is 100% BS. Just rumors to feed Tesla stock.

  4. It will spawn from Giga Factory 2 located in Buffalo, NY. Currently the made solar panels for Musk's Solar City venture. It might be smarter to manufacture there with land being less expensive and room to grow.

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