Tesla Model Y with regular/optional wheels.

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I guess you can’t get a regular chrome trim around the windows?

And by the way, that 7 seat option is an extra $3000. Not cheap…

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  1. I was really hoping to see a true SUV with a more traditional squared off back instead of another jellybean. I don't buy that this bloated model 3 can seat 7 adults. Maybe 5 adults and two kids under 10 years old.

  2. This is yet another disappointment from Tesla for me. I saw my first Model 3 like two weeks ago and was totally unimpressed. I didn't like the design of the car at all. I was really hoping for something more SUV/Crossover looking and not the child that the Model X and Model 3 had. I think Tesla has done a great job overall but they need to get better because some other companies are coming after them pretty soon with better designs.

  3. Folks, just get over it. If you wish for rectangle with wheels, stop by Rivian's website and reserve one or see what Ford has to sell.

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