Tesla Model Y

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So far. Looking like a slightly higher, slightly bloated Model 3…

The expected range of 300 Miles.
Seats 7.
Starting price for the base version around $39 000. But starting price at launch will be around $47 000

I have to say I am quite disappointed.
Byt the presentation. Elon Musk seemed high the whole time. Like he didn’t really care.
They didn’t show the whole car.
The camera was only showing the front angle and a bit of the side (shown above)

The car itself is yet another version of the Model S design.
It just looks like a bigger Model 3. Not sure how they can squeeze 2 more seats in the back.
They didn’t even show the rear of the car, so hopefully, it is a proper hatchback, but who knows…
Interior is exactly the same as Model 3.

It might look better in good/official pictures… I guess. 

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  1. Looks very smallish when next to the Model X! I going to sleep on it before order the $60K performance model!

  2. The back half of this vehicle just doesn't look right. I understand the importance to cut costs by using as much of the Model 3 as possible but this just looks like a bloated version that's more Hatchback than SUV.

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