VW I.D Buggy Concept

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Of course, this is really cool looking.
But this is at least the 3rd time in the past few years that VW is teasing us with a cool Buggy design.
So I have zero hope to see this turning into a production car.
Which is really too bad.
Since it looks so great. It has a 201HP electric motor and a 150 miles EV range.
Which is actually fine for this kind of car. 
After all these EV Concepts, like the Crozz, the Vission, the Buzz, what I really want to see is an I.D Bug. A pure futuristic version of the Beetle.
Since, after all, this is VW. And they should always have a version of the Beetle available.
VW without the Beetle is like Disney studios without animation.
It just shouldn’t be…

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