2020 Ford Escape for China

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Of course, the Chinese version of the all-new Ford Escape has a huge plasticky grille.
Since it seems that local taste dictated “bigger and more chrome everywhere”.

I think it is great that Ford didn’t design a “one for all” Escape this time. Otherwise, since the Chinese market is the largest one, we might have ended up with the Chinese front end.
Redesigning the front bumper and grille for different markets/tastes is a really good idea.

Otherwise, it looks like there are less black trim parts and more chrome on the Chinese version.
And its rear hatch handle is positioned higher, for some weird reason.
( I did feel it was a bit too low on the US version I saw)

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  1. Vince, are you saying you favor the US spec front clip more so than the Chinese version?

    I personally favor the European/Kuga front end much more along with the black-outline trim that traces around the side windows.

  2. Do not like the black bottom plastic matte cladding and that around the wheel wells! Makes the car look cheap!

  3. I know what you mean about the Euro version. But I actually prefer chrome outline trims around windows in general.

  4. I do think the new Escape looks really good, but could do without the chrome around the windows and all the black plastic around the bottom of the car.

  5. Id have to say the Chinese model seems to have more character to me. The US version is so boring it hurts

  6. Call me crazy but I think the Chinese front looks better than the one we got for the U.S. The bigger grille makes it look closer in appearance to the Edge and Explorer.

  7. Heard rumors that a Escape ST trim level might be available with the Kugas front end and no black cladding! Yes!

  8. China likely doesn't have an Americans with Disabilities Act requiring ease of access for differently-abled Americans.

    Black trim/grilles look bad against lighter paint colors.

  9. huh…the chinese version looks better. The usa Escape front stying reminds me of the cartoonish smiley face that everybody was criticizing on the 2012 Mazda Miatas !

  10. The US Escape does need a more aggressive looking front end. Maybe the Kuga front end like others have said.

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