2020 Ford Escape

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I am currently at the Ford Escape event and here are the first pictures 
Of our US version. The one pictured here is a loaded titanium.
I have to say it looks really good in person.
And so does the interior. Especially wit the more upscale matte wood trim and cream leather.
(And the doors do feel super solid)
Power comes from a 2.0 liter turbo with 250hp.
But most models will come with a new 1.5 liter 3 cylinder with 180hp.
A hybrid and plugin hybrid versions are also available. Both using a 2.5 liter.
I am uploading this from the event and the pictures might be a bit smaller than usual on the site
But you can actually click on them

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  1. In Europe, they're not afraid to look like a tall, stubby wagon with no matte black plastic around the bottom. What happened to the Home of the Brave?

    The third side window might even be big enough to be worth the effort.

    Why does everyone put dark matte "wood" against black matte "leather"?

    Doesn't a huge glass roof get hot in sunny California? It would almost require you to open it or cover it to keep your brain from cooking.

  2. Many buyers will not like the rounded egg shape re-design of the Escape. It looks like rest of compact crossovers now! LOL!

  3. I am surprised you like it so much. I thought you would have ripped apart how boring it is inside and out. Almost like one of those cars they use in ads when they can show an actual car.

  4. I think the softly pointed shapes and swollen surfaces are a response to the taupey, "safe zone" mindset of today.

  5. Its safely inoffensive shape resembles and applicator of some sort of soothing ointment- one that numbs the soul.

  6. Sad outside and inside. Does ford want to die? That door looks lifted out of the 2009 model. What are you doing ford??

  7. I kind of like the new design alot! The doors panel design pattern is different from what we see elsewhere.!! Will be a hit for Ford.

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