2020 Hyundai Venue

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I think this is really cute.
And a more cohesive design than the Kona. (These rear lights on the Kona…)
It is about 5 inches shorter than the Kona. That’s almost 10 inches shorter than the small Mazda CX-3!
So I am not sure what it actually competes with. Except maybe the Nissan Kicks, in price.
Although the Kicks is also about 10 inches long.
So this is actually really small…
It is powered by a 1.6 Liter engine with a 6-speed manual or a CVT.
And is supposed to be getting a 33MPG average. 
Which is about what the Knicks gets. 
The Kona starts at around $20 000. And the Kicks starts at $18 500. So the new Venue would surely be priced below the Nissan when it comes out later this year.

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  1. '' Powering this small crossover is a small engine, a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated inline-four that produces 121 horsepower and 113 lb-ft of torque.''…..Meh. I had that kinda ''power'' in my then new 2004 Honda Civic Si ( DX model to the Americans) with a 5 speed manual. Who knows, the 1.6 in this Venue might be sufficient given the weight and size. A 2.0L with 150-155 HP and good low end torque would of been more desirable. And fun.

  2. The face reminds me of the first gen Subaru Forrester. Dont care for FWD only utes.
    I think the Kia Soul would be the way to go if you really want one of these.

  3. "These rear lights on the Kona…"

    "… the Kicks is about 10 inches long."

    Vince – Wondering if you ever read your posts before publishing.

    (There are frequently many errors).

  4. Other than the entirely hard plastic door panels I really like this. I wish Hyundai put smart cruise control on the lower models though.

  5. Interesting, non-US spec versions get rear air vents for back seat passengers.I'm wondering if that's true with AWD. Clearly, the brand doesn't want to confuse US customers between this and the Kona.
    As cute as this looks, I need AWD for where I live, the Kona would be the wiser choice.

  6. i really like this… Jeep Renegade Killer??? or is that just hopeful wishing.

    I just rented a 2019 Jeep Cherokee, and there were a lot of great elements, but the cheap plastics sucked and everything under the hood was FIAT…

  7. I'm going out of my way to find a small SUV without all wheel drive. They are a waste of money and gasoline.

  8. I was at the reveal in NY and got to play around in it for a while, it’s really nice! It’s not as small looking as the stats suggest, and it’s really nicely finished inside, doesn’t feel cheap at all. The blue cloth interior is just stunning for its class, it’s handsome!

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