2020 Lincoln Corsair

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I will simply agree with most and say the new Lincoln Corsair looks great. 
The current MKC was already a good looking SUV. But turning it into a smaller version of the Aviator is a great idea.
And, giving it a real name! Like all new Lincoln models.
Again, this is what Cadillac needs to do ASAP!!!!
Lincoln seems to be beating Cadillac on all fronts these days. With attractive designs, more standard power, and names! (NAMES!!!)
Instead of “CT5” or “XT4”. Someone at GM HAS to know this is bad right?
The new Corsair will come with a standard 2.0 Liter with 250HP. Which is really plenty.
But you’ll still be able to get more with an optional 2.3 Liter with 280HP.
Hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions will be available as well.
And just like its 2020 Ford Escape cousin, its rear seat can be moved back up to 6 inches, providing more legroom than most larger mid-sized SUVs on the market. 
Inside, I still think they used too much chrome trim. It is way too shiny and actually ends up looking really cheap and cheezy. ( I saw this in person in the Aviator) Especially around the tablet. (Which is still a very lazy design)
Otherwise, this looks pretty great inside too.
This has to be a big winner for Lincoln.
Now if they could only come up with a really cool looking luxury sedan…

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  1. Not sure I like the blacked out windshield pillars or the styling of the door panels, but overall this looks great. Most of the luxury crossovers just don't look luxury, but this new Corsair looks expensive. Cadillac executives really should be hiding under their desks right now.

  2. I think it looks great, but that chrome trim will be blinding during the day. They should've gone with a matte finish, which would have also looked more upscale.

  3. The tablet impinges on start button access, and the sunroof is obviously far too small.

    It's nice that they make more space available on the console, but I don't like seeing all those sharp edges in front of my body. Hope the seatbelts are strong.

  4. Remember about 6 years ago when Cadillac seemed invincible and Lincoln seemed ready to be relegated to history? Amazing the change in fortunes for the two brands in such a short time.

  5. The new Corsair will probably be my next new car! Colors I have not decided yet but I going for the Reserve model. Hope it not to small inside. Otherwise, it a no go for me!

  6. I attended press days and the debut, it’s as attractive in person as it looks here! It has great presence and the Aviator looks scaled down really well. The interior is awesome and everything feels really nice and substantial (unlike the new Escape which has cheap feeling door panels, esp in the rear) Room wise it’s fine, and the back is very roomy with the sliding rear seat which reclines too. The view out is open as well with a low belt line and hood. Lincoln keeps rising!

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