2020 Subaru Outback interior teaser

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Subaru just released a new picture of the 2020 Outback interior, as a teaser. (top picture)
Although they are trying to hide it a little with window reflections, we can see enough to tell that it is, as expected, the exact same interior as the Legacy sedan (bottom picture). Of course.
Which is great news. Since the new Legacy interior looks great. 

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  1. love the new interior! I leased a 2015 and now a 2018 Outback. They progressively got better. Lots of premium features, sound system, safety features. Super comfortable, long trip/skiing cars. Not a lot of fun though, the driving dynamics are bland. Overall, the cars are great value for the $ but I fear the price will keep creeping up. Can't wait to see the new Outback and I do hope they address the NVH of the engine or that the new turbo4 will be a viable/affordable alternative.

    from the pic:
    + vertical screen, new dashboard. Same thick steering wheel. New seats with extendable thigh support!
    – weird display on top of the dash above the screen. No place to place a smartphone/charge it? The nook in front of the shifter does not seem big enough for an iPhone Plus

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