2020 Subaru Outback

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The outback is basically the same thing over and over again. With small changes.
I think this 2020 model is an improvement. At least visually. I do like the more fluid look.
And the much-improved interior from the new sedan (Legacy) version. 
Otherwise, it is really too bad about the V6 being gone. As it was a super smooth engine.
Which the standard 2.5 liter was not, at least in the previous version.
Subaru says the base engine is almost all new, now with 182HP.
At least the turbo will match the V6 for power I guess. 
And I really don’t understand the lack of a real panoramic sunroof (Something they were offering a few generations ago) in 2019.
No hybrid or plug-in version is offered. 
Again, sticking with that “same old” philosophy.
I am sure Subaru is right, at least in the short term. Why invest in something that sells so well the way it is?
(The Outback sold over 178 000 units last year)
But how long can it last? 
Electrification is coming in one form or another. To everything. 

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  1. It's a great car. Sensible and all that. But Subie should go and steal Mazda's head of design or something, because nobody buys one on looks alone. They could and should step up their game way more, and offer a high end trim (also like Mazda), and battle for the premium almost luxury space just a notch below Audi.

  2. They used a lot of funky black plastic to hide the rather attractive raised wagon underneath. Is there a point to the rocker fins?

  3. There is no SUCH thing as a V6 Subaru. You should really know these things, as a flat-6 (H6) isn't a V6.

  4. Most people put cargo boxed or all kinds of equipment racks on their Outbacks, which sort of defeats the purpose of having a panoramic roof. Besides, that's the sort of thing to me that adds cost without a huge amount of value. I had one on a Jeep Grand Cherokee and usually kept it closed.

  5. Every update, the Outback’s interior gets nicer while the exterior becomes even more lackluster. Subaru hasn’t built a good looking Outback since the 2005-2009 Gen3 model.

  6. Seriously, the first midsize raised AWD hybrid wagon on the market is gonna rock my world. I may have to wipe down the interior afterwards.

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