2020/21 VW Atlas Coupe

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It has been almost exactly a year since VW teased us with a sportier, 5 seater version of the Atlas SUV with the “Atlas Cross Sport” Concept.
Now we finally have pictures of the real thing.
I thought I would compare both. Since the concept got a lot of attention last year. 
And everyone was hoping for something close for the production model.
So I am happy to see the real thing. And looking really close to the concept. 
Sure, they have changed a few things. But this is mostly the same design. 
Which is actually surprising for VW.
No pictures of the interior yet (that is coming soon). But I am hoping the 5 seater versions will come out at the same time as a mid-cycle refresh for the “regular” Atlas. And really hoping it includes an updated interior. Which in the US will go against the Ford Edge, new Chevrolet Blazer, and Honda Passport.
Otherwise, this is quite a good looking SUV/Crossover.
And I see a V6 logo on there too. (So it will be at least an option) While the concept was a plug-in hybrid, VW had mentioned a few years ago that none of their plug-in models will ever make it to the US (idiots)
So I guess that’s out…

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  1. Out of these three, Ford Edge, new Chevrolet Blazer, and Honda Passport; I like the Atlas Coupe the best in terms of looks! When is it suppose to be release in the U.S. – 5 seat coupe model?

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