All new VW Atlas Coupe /Sport Cross interior

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Interior of the “regular” VW Atlas above.

The interior of the all new “coupe” version of the VW Atlas looks a lot like… The regular Atlas.
It seems they pulled a “2020 Passat” here. By only changing the parts that are bellow the top of the dash, and within the center console.
They did the same thing with the doors. Where the metal/wood/black plastic arrangement is slightly different.  Within the same space as before.
I guess it is a cheap (Smart?) way to make the interior look more different than it is.
I think it works better in the 2020 Passat, where at first glance, it does look quite different.
Still, any change or improvement to the Atlas interior is a welcome improvement.
It is not as nice as the concept from last year, but a bit better than the Atlas.
I actually think VW will bring these changes to the regular Atlas as well. As part of a mid-cycle refresh.
(I can’t really see them producing 2 different versions of the interior. )
And again, Honda didn’t even try that much with the Passport. Which has the exact same interior as the Pilot. 
What do you think? Does this make the Coupe more attractive?
I really think it does. In general, I think the new model is 100 times better looking than the Atlas. 
And it will fit most people needs. Not that many people need or even want 7 seats…
I mean even most sedan back seats are pretty much empty most of the time…

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  1. The narrow upper, wide lower metal trim around the wood would look better with a less-busy crease above them. OTOH, the old one is too flat and looks faker. Both would look better with somewhat lighter wood against the black.

    I'd rather have the smooth buttons on the console where they'll get dirty. If it isn't automatic, I'd rather have knobs on the HVAC control, though my own front defrost is awkward to get to.

    I wonder if the textured wheel leather feels better in hot and cold weather.

  2. I am a sucker for quilted seats. I guess never got over riding in a Bentley that had them. Prefer the circular sporty steering wheel too.

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