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A bunch of fun discoveries this week…
What could have been, 60’s nostalgia and a forgotten Dodge.
– What could have been GM’s new Family Van, from 1973.
– What could have been the new Toyota Hi-Lux truck in 1983.
– What could have been the Chevrolet Monte Carlo in 1973.
– What could have been a fantastic Jaguar coupe in the 1950’s.
– A classic 1960’s Mustang ad.
– A cool Honda ad also from the 60’s.
– A pair of French Peugeot models from the 60’s. A fancy coupe and a much cheaper small family sedan. 
– And that poor old Dodge Shadow convertible. I had completely forgotten about these…

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  1. cool pics, thanks Vince. The monte carlo looks interesting. The cool Jag, the honda, the mustang 🙂 …..that little dodge shadow was an abomination to mankind even when new.

  2. I thought that was a Toronado concept 'til I finished the post. I much preferred the 1st gen Monte and 2nd gen Mustang.

    When I was biking home from middle school, VP Gerald Ford's son often drove his girlfriend home up the street in a handsome '68. When his dad became POTUS, he dumped her to play the field.

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