Honda HR-V test drive coming up

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I just got a Honda HR-V to drive for this week.

And of course, I will be comparing it to the Mazda CX-3 I just drove a few days ago.
The one I am driving is a loaded Touring model.
And I will as usual try to answer any questions you might have about the car.

So far: Much roomier than the Mazda. Also a lot quieter and smoother…

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  1. My girlfriend's daughter has one and I thought it was very nice. I'm 6'1", my girlfriend is 5'10", and her daughter, who was driving, is 5'11", and we had plenty of room in back. Very smooth ride too.

  2. Does it still have the one only underpowered gasoline engine that does 0-60 in around 10+ seconds? Noisy too during highway travel and rough road conditions, no sound insulation!

  3. I'VE never test driven a HRV, but i do like the overall shape, size and appearance of one. Also the roominess and functional capabilities. A lot of online test reviews poke fun of the lack of speed and lack of decent horsepower (141 HP). I do know that the European HRV has the turbo 4 cylinder and that seems to rectify the problem. I think Honda could drop in a strong, non turbo 4 cylinder of about 170-180 HP if they really wanted to. But they leave that to it's bigger brother, Honda CRV.

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