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Just a few more pictures of that new Infiniti Sedan concept.
Even though the concept is an electric car, the design is supposed to give us a glimpse of Infiniti’s new design language for their upcoming sedan models.
And, at least from these pictures, Infiniti’s design future does not look bright.
The general shape is OK. (As long as it is a true hatchback, otherwise these fastback/fake hatch shapes are getting stupid).
But that heavy looking front end. It just looks like they was a huge grille before and they just filled it up..
But the worst part is that really weird and disturbing “dent looking” design element on the site (Just like the SUV concept they showed a while ago)
This is a really bad idea. And it looks terrible. I cannot beleive this actually went through any kind of aproval process. Who said “yes” to this???
I really like the fact that Nissan and Infiniti are fighting a good fight to keep sedans alive. 
And let’s hope their upcoming production cars will look better than this…

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  1. So take what should be the next Maxima, hit it in the side with a fork lift, and you have Infiniti's future.

    Hey Nissan, don't forget to put a crappy CVT in there just to make sure it's 100% pathetic instead of just 98%.

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