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Besides the weird/macho bits for the New York Auro Show, this is basically the new Mercedes GLB we will be seeing later this year as a production car.
This is similar to what Kia did with the Telluride and that off-road “concept” version they had shown just a few weeks before the production model.
This will please people who miss the square look of the old GLC. I guess.
And it does seem that Mercedes is kind of doing something similar to what Ford is doing with the new Escape and that “baby Bronco” model.
One is basically a car, and the other one has a more rugged look.
The car one for Mercedes will be the next GLA.
I am glad they made an effort to come up with a few new bits for the interior. (It is not a straight A-Class interior)
But who picked and approved the concept’s interior color pattern and textures??
The whole thing makes it look like the interior of a cheap room off the main strip in Las Vegas.
And this is from a “luxury brand”??!!

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  1. Wow, that's horrible. The quirky and cheap window kick-up alone knocks it down from M-B to Jeep or Fiat status.

  2. They're totally impractical, but I like the desert South West colors and textures, they're fresh in a car (never been to Las Vegas). Not sure about the double row of Indian beads running down my spine and butt crack.

  3. At 182 inches long it is not at all as short as a CX-3 (168) or the HR-V (170)
    It is actually longer than a CR-V, Toyota RAV-4 and Mazda CX-5.

  4. Probably the coolest small SUV from Daimler since the GLK. I prefer it over the GLC, GLC coupe, and GLA.

  5. I got it wrong as to the size. It about size of a XT4. Might be nice and functional looking after all.

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