More pictures of the 2020 Ford Escape Exterior

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The lighting at the event pretty much sucked.
The car had a beautiful new green/blue color that was very hard to capture on camera. 
Mostly because of that multi-colored lights around it.
Still, I am just trying to show how the car looks in the flesh.
I think it looks really nice in person. I love that it isn’t trying to look trucky (that will be for the Bronco and “mini Bronco”)
It doesn’t break any grounds and there seems to be nothing really new visually.
But everything comes out together very well. No oversized spoilers, fake scoops or weird lines anywhere.
This follows the Mercedes trend of simpler exterior designs.
Something Honda seems to be following too. With the Insight and the next Fit.
I also like the rear bumper that actually sticks out of the body. Which is very nice, and rare to see these days…

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  1. They copied the niro so hard that they decided to steal their paint color too. This thing is cheap looking for sure.

  2. For me, it looks like a European crossover, like the Audi Q5, which is what I want. I see it also appealing to the Subaru, Toyota, and Honda buying crowd. I didn't notice the rear bumper until you pointed it out, and I love how they've lowered the window height for better visibility; I'm tired of rising belt-lines making you feel like you're in a bathtub. I love the interior in these pics but I do wonder how it'll look in lower-end trims. Overall, I like it, but I'm not happy that Europe got the better looking front end. Hopefully, Ford will give us a light off-road trim like Toyota did with its 2019 Rav4 Adventure. And I can't wait for the Escape Hybrid with AWD to be compared against the Rav4 Hybrid with AWD. Great pictures!

  3. I really thought I would not like this, but these pictures show a refreshing design, steering away from overly agressive, messy looking SUV's (looking at you, 2020 RAV4).

  4. Very nice and clean. Much better than the current top heavy version. Hopefully it has a high res infotainment screen and a better quality backup camera than the current Ford's. Wonder when we'll see a new Edge? I have a 2017 and like it a lot (except for the screen and camera quality mentioned).

  5. It a crossover for those doing undercover type work like PIs, NCIS field agents and Miafia enforcers! Does not make you stand out from the crowd. Nice! Wait a few years to see how reliable it is! I can finally see how I would like the new Escape! Open up my eyes to it hidden purpose!

  6. Toyota where are you? Fill the gap left by the RAV4 (aka Mini Bronco) with a (V)enza/Prius V replacement. The escape looks really good and clean lines. A little disappointed with the 5 cu.ft. reduction to 60 Cu. ft. of the hybrid. but that's still 5 more than a Crosstrek, but the same as a Regal Sportback.

    Motor1 suggested the hybrid might be the standard drivetrain for the SEL and Titanium would be really interesting for the pricing value. We'll see.

  7. The elephant in the room is what's going on with Ford Design? They've got some of the most talented product developers in the world and their lineup of late is languid at best. C'mon Ford, the startups are chewing your roots.

  8. It looks like the Bizarro styling era may be coming to a close, which why everyone calls clean-lined cars like this and the XT6 bland. The 90's were bland.

    The tricky part now will be for the designers to make their brands and models distinctive. I've been looking at pics of early 30's luxury cars lately, and it's amazing how much of the cars are very similar across makes.

  9. I agree Vince, that the rear bumper sticking out on this new Escape is nice to see. That was one of the (many) styling quirks that kinda put me off with the previous Escape. It looked…i dunno..unfinished…too much like a smoothed over mini van rear end. Mind you, i'm one of the few weirdos who actually really liked the styling of the Dodge Nitro.

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