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I really though I would not like the new Escape interior. Since it is very similar to the new Focus. (The one now only sold in Europe) And I don’t like the Focus interior, at least from pictures.
But it is much nicer looking in real life.
It uses very good and solid materials everywhere. There are almost no hard plastic parts. 
The doors feel very solid. And everything seems really well put together.
No, it is still not as super nice as the Mazda CX-5 interior.
But I’d say it is at least on par with the rest of its class. And better than many.

 One of the most amazing feature about the new Escape interior is the huge amount of leg room available in the back seat.
It slides an extra 6 inches away from the front seats when needed. It is quite amazing.

And of course, these rear seats fold almost completely flat.
Which could be good enough for “car camping”. Except I was told the lengh available is only 68 inches.
Which could be a bit short…

I think this will not only sell very well, but will compete with the Ford Edge.
I mean really, this is as roomy as the more expensive Edge. Has more rear legroom.
More choices of engines, etc…

I see a tough life ahead for the good old Ford Edge.
Squeezed between the all new Explorer and this new Escape…

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  1. I love the well integrated tablet and the high quality wood. They perfectly match the beautiful, highly original face of this beast.

  2. The Escape has a big advantage over the CX-5- superior infotainment + TOUCHSCREEN. Mazda is removing touchscreens in its cars and going back to monitors. That's a mistake. Even BMW/Audi have transitioned away from monitors to touchscreens.

    Really nice looking interior. Even that fake wood is looking good. Not sold on the exterior yet.

  3. It looks so much nicer in Kuga form. Same car but much better looking. Body colored lower side panels vs. ugly gray and much nicer fascia. Why screw over the US market?

  4. I like this new Escape interior. Only thing i do not really care for is the rotary dial transmission shifter. Prefer a good old fashioned console , upright shifter. The rear seat legroom does look amazingly roomy for a compact suv.

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