New VW Atlas Coupe Vs. big brother “Regular” Atlas

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And now let’s compare the new Coupe version with the regular 7 seater Atlas.
I think the “coupe” is different enough to look 100 times better.
I mean, it really makes the regular, larger model look like a big square lump.
Again, let’s hope they put the Coupe front end on both versions next year.
And please, at least a new dashboard inside…

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  1. The Atlas Coupe looks much more sporty and luxurious then the regular Atlas crossover. Hoping for a Fall 2019 release! I like this coupe the best of all the 5 seat crossover for under $50K.

  2. It's like Honda's Pilot Vs. Passport; same but a little shorter and supposedly a but sportier somehow. Why can't the word coupe mean coupe?
    Tired of these German companies redefining the name and naming their cars the most ridiculously and thoughtless name. OK, Atlas is fine but the other names of they've come up with since the Tourag is plain STUPID.

  3. Not real sure what the point even was in VW doing that. I certainly hope it is MUCH more reliable than the larger Atlas has proven to be.

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