1979 Chrysler ETV-1 video!

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And here is a really cool (but long) video of that ETV-1 !

So cool to see it in action. And all it’s 1970’s glory…

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  1. In 1979, this car would have created 75 miles of range. Imagine, factoring Moores Law, how far this car would travel today, or where the battery tech would be today.

    Chrysler could have been the leader in this tech (as could have GM)…instead, consumers are left w/ a company that has 2 products – with one of them being the same bones / overall shape for about 15 years. What a shame.

  2. LOL. A collaboration between the DOE and Chrysler. Hard to believe that resulted in nothing coming to market.

  3. Wow, what could have been. I bet there was a "good" reason this was put on the wayside that we will never learn of.

  4. Just think, if this would have been brought to the market back then, I doubt we would have ever seen Tesla. More than likely at this point, everything would be autonomous already also. Maybe even in the air.

  5. I agree. We are talking 40 years ago!
    Basically 30 years ahead of Tesla.

    You are all correct, by now the progress in EV technology would have been such that we could be living in a world of 2000 miles battery packs charged in seconds.
    Or even solar cars, who knows…

    The "good" reason it was put on the wayside is probably the hugely powerful oil lobby. As this was their worst nightmare.

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