2020 Audi A4. (“newer” than we think)

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 I didn’t pay too much attention to this yesterday when the pictures of their 2020 Audi A4 came out.
Most of the automotive press also described it as a slight refresh, with mostly a new front end and rear.
But, upon looking at the pictures more closely, I realized the body panels on the car were actually all new.
Not just the front and rear ends.

Just look at the new side, where both doors and fenders have been completely redesigned.
This is what Ford used to do a lot. With the Mustang and other models. Keeping the structure and the glass with brand new panel designs.

In the case of the new A4, this is an obvious effort to make it look more like the A6.
Which does have similar flared fenders.

Even though this makes their cars even more similar to each other, I actually like the update.
I guess Audi figures it will work for at least another 3 years. Since SUVs and EVs are the priority now. Not sedans.
Although it will still have to battle the much more recent BMW 3 series and an all-new Mercedes C-Class next year.
As well as newcomers as the Genesis G70 and Cadillac CT4.

 Same thing with the wagon. Where everything seems to have been redesigned except the glass and metal part of the rear hatch.

Unfortunately, it is not the same story inside…
I was never really a fan of the current A4 interior. And it looks like they pretty much kept it alone.
Which is too bad. Since current Audi interiors are much more modern.
This is now the “old generation” of their interior designs.
(new one on top) 

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  1. Is it just me, or does it look like the ruler slipped down while drawing the bodyside crease over the doors?

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