2020 BMW X1. (No-one is safe from that huge grille)

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 That’s right. It seems no BMW model is safe from the ugly/vulgar huge chrome grille.
Not even the small X1 Crossover (This will really destroy the sportier X2…)

They even added more chrome to the whole front end while they were at it (2020 one on top)

 Not that many changes for the rear . Only lights it seems…

Tiny changes inside (new on top)
A larger screen. Now not integrated at all to the dash (The previous one was at least pretending to)

I guess this Chrome frenzy at BMW is a way to make sure buyers can show off their cars even more.
Since, I guess, more chrome still means “more expensive” to some people.
Maybe an oversized chrome grille on a small car is a way to make sure your neighbors know you bought a luxury brand?

So weird. And so backward…

They will finally offer a plug-in hybrid of the X1 next year (At least in Europe and China).
Which only gets about 30 miles of EV range. Which isn’t that great, especially for a “luxury” brand.
Since the Chevy Volt was getting almost 55 miles years ago. And the Honda Clarity is getting almost 50.

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