2020 Chevrolet Trax/Tracker

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An all-new Chevrolet Trax is due in the US very soon (Just like a new Buick Encore)
And just like with its Buick Cousin, GM has just released it in China first.
The previous Tracker was basically the same car as our Trax. So it is quite logical to expect this new one to become our new Trax when it comes to the US (Although spy shots of the US Trax seem to show larger headlights)
it looks like an amalgam of pretty much every single Chevrolet truck?SUV designs from the past couple of years.
So nothing original at all.
These days, other brands like Mercedes, Mazda, and Honda are pushing for simpler designs. Especially in their profiles.
But it seems Chevrolet is doubling down on weird aggressive looking lines and creases everywhere.
Which might not age too well…
This Chinese version of the new Tracker is powered by a new 1.3 Liter engine with a 6 speed automatic. 

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  1. I like both the TrailBlazer and the Tracker from Shanghai Auto Show. The GM spokesperson said these were exclusive to China, however.

  2. So this is the Chevy version of the Encore GX. Is this really needed between the replacement for the current Trax and the Equinox?

  3. i think it looks very cool…a mini Chevy Blazer-Equinox. And really not that mini, probably be about the size of the new Hyundai Tuscon, which has a just right size for a ''small'' suv. To be honest, i'm not fond of tiny turbo motors. Sometimes, if engineered properly in certain applications, such as the new Honda Civic /Accords, they can get very good power And mpg. But in the case of the new Trax/Tracker, if Chevy just copied the Tuscon and dropped the turbo motor option and had the 2.4-2.5 non turbo 4 cylinder with about 180HP, i think i could live with it, even if it was not as quick as a turbo CRV OR the other small turbo suvs out there.

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