2020 Ford Focus ST wagon

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Since Ford has decided the only Ford car Americans are allowed to buy is the Mustang, we are, of course, not getting this in the US.
A wagon version of the super sporty Ford Focus ST.
Which has to be pretty phenomenal…
– 6-speed manual or 7-speed auto
– 2.3 Liter Ecoboost with 280HP
Maybe this setup will end up in an Escape ST for the US…

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  1. "Maybe this setup will end up in an Escale ST"

    I think you mean "Escape", and how cool would a new generation model be with a manual transmission.

  2. Thought the wagon was the best of the first gen. Foci. Too bad, would have liked to see one in US.

  3. Wagons don't work in the US largely because most are really poor designs, like the Honda Crosstour. But the Outback has beaten those odds….how?

  4. I agree with the poor designs of wagons. The Outback has worked because it is spacious, plenty of cargo capacity, 8.7 “ of clearance, and four wheel drive. It is closer or surpasses small SUVs as far as utility and off road capability. Most wagons are sedans with an added small cargo space and a smaller second row.

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