2020 Kia XCeed

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I have mentioned the upcoming all-new Xceed model from Kia before. 
Since they also released a teaser picture.
It looks like yet another really good looking Kia is around the corner. I have to say, while Honda and Toyota seem to release all new models “once in a while”, there seems to be a never-ending parade of all new Kia/Hyundai models all the time. Which is quite amazing.
This is, of course, based on the European Ceed model. The sedan version of it is sold here as the Kia Forte.
And Canada (maybe the US too) will be begetting the cool looking Ceed GT hatchback as the 2020 Forte 5 for 2020.
So this could maybe make it over here as well.
As a “crossover Coupe”. Why not. A Sportage Coupe maybe?
It also reminds me of that really good looking Mazda CX-4 we never got in the US…

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  1. I loved the Mazda CX4 and find it a major fail that Mazda never sold it in the States. Maybe if Kia brings this vehicle over, Mazda will green light the 2G Mazda CX4 to make it here also. If they do, it easily could be my next vehicle.

  2. Nice looking rig. I think I'd go for a more traditional squared back station wagon shape myself but this looks nice.

    Cars with trunk lids that aren't mail slots are unicorns these days. At least with this you have a halfway decent shot of getting a big box in the back if needed.

  3. Serious competitor for GLA and X2. Just needs a better looking badge.
    The Kia/Hyundai/Genesis combination will become a serious player in next few years.
    I have just bought new Proceed, the grand tourer, in GT trim, (200 bhp) and the styling is great, the level of equipment is fantastic, even people moaning about the quality of the trim are talking rubbish, they have obviously not been in an Audi A3/4 or BMW 1/2 series.
    I live in UK, and it would be a great addition to US market, competing with lower range Merc CLA, paired with Forte.

  4. Kia are creating a great range of cars atm.
    I live in uk and just bought Proceed, (the new Grand Tourer model) with the 200bhp engine is great. The trim is as good as BMW 1/2 series or AUDi A3, and Merc A class
    This XCeed would be a great rival to Merc GLA or BMW X2.
    The whole Ceed/Forte family would be good competitor to Merc A class family.
    Would love to see Forte over in Europe in GT trim, (200bhp)

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