2020 Lexus GX

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It looks like to celebrate its 11th year on the market, the current generation Lexus GX will get… A slightly new face.
And that’s about tit.
At least from what we can see on these pictures.
The second generation came out in 2009. and got a new grille back in 2013.
The spy shots above don’t really show anything new at all. Even inside.
So I am not sure what they are actually testing here.
It looks like Nissan will be ahead of the race since they have started testing their new generation Armada/Infiniti QX80 already. 
Curiously, sales of the old GX have been pretty steady. Actually growing every year except last year with a total of 26 724. Which was only about 500 less than the year before.
So there is a market.
Which is weird to me since you can get the exact same one, slightly used for a lot less money.
(A new GX starts at around $53 000. )

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  1. I know it is strange- but I think there is this millennial movement in which these youngsters who get their first raise go out and get 4runners/GXs to show that they are "rugged" and can do light off roading. Just visit the vortex forums, and the first car on all these meat-heads list is a 4runner (well really an S4 or M3, but they are poor).

    Toyota saw this loud and clear and decided it was better to put lipstick on the pig than invest in an all new bof model.

    Funny though, in the early 2010s, no one wanted the 4runner/GX as bad as they do today, and that was when it was actually fresh.

    The world is behind.

  2. Love this SUV pre 2013 with the conservative front end. I have never look at a Lexus as a potential buy with this generation’s spindle grill. Looks hideous to me!

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