2020 Lexus RX

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 It looks like Lexus is finally simplifying their designs a bit (just a tiny bit)
The revised 2020 model is in the top picture. And although the changes are very subtle, they make that front end look a lot cleaner. Gone is that weirdo small triangular shape in the bumper. The grille seems a bit smaller. The super heavy chrome line at the bottom is mostly gone. A simpler headlight design. Etc..

The rear design is also mostly the same.
But the bumper and light designs are also simplified for a cleaner look.

Inside it now has a larger touch screen.

I think they did a good job. It is very subtle but is an improvement, and a step in the right direction.
One of simpler, less brutal and more cohesive designs with fewer unnecessary lines.

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  1. I will admit it is an improvement, however that gaping front grill still looks really hungry. Hard to argue with the sales figures though. Apparently people like buying ugly vehicles, as long as they are reliable.

  2. I heard a recent interview of a Lexus designer and he said that Lexus is going to be keeping the current front grill design for another 5 years because of it success it brought to their sales! LOL!

  3. This may finally signal a corporate walk back toward styling normalcy.. and I'm all for it. Just saw my first 2019 Prius Hybrid (non-Prime plug in) and was stunned at how much more simple and attractive the new taillight shape is. No more droopy curves!

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