2020 Nissan Sentra

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These pictures show the Asian version of our Sentra, called the Sylphy.
The Sylphy and Sentra are the same cars. 
While Nissan was dazzling crowds in New York with the new Versa sedan a few weeks ago, they were also unveiling a brand new Sentra/Sylphy in China. 
And yes, this is yet another size of that same Maxima design.
I did like it a lot a few years ago when they unveiled the new Maxima.
But last year, we saw the new Altima ended up looking like a slightly smaller, more angular Maxima.
The new Versa also looks like a small Maxima.
And now this. Another “smaller Maxima”.
While it does look fine, it is quite amazing to see the same design four times.
Sure, Nissan is not the only one. Others have been doing it for years. (Especially Audi)
It is still not a good thing…
For some reason, the interior is completely different from other Nissan models. Go figure…
Since the Versa has pretty much the same interior as the Kicks it is based on, I wonder if this is a preview of the next Rogue interior.
The good thing is, of course, to see Nissan not giving up on the sedan market. 
But I really think sedans have to offer something special if they want to survive.
They are the new coupes. A sportier alternative to what people buy most (Which used to be sedans)
I don’t see the new Versa, Altima or Sentra offer anything really new or new looking.
People used to buy coupes mostly because they were better looking than their sedan cousins.
Nissan really need to push the envelope on their sedan design. They have to make peole want them…

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  1. i Love that interior. Perfect…except maybe needs a 6 speed manual shifter… šŸ™‚ But honestly, a new sentra (with a tiny weakling motor) is kinda silly…might as well step up to the Nissan Altima with a decent and much stronger 4 cylinder.

  2. Actually the new Altima is slightly larger than the Maxima. Give the V6 back to the Altima and the Maxima becomes pointless.

  3. Why does such a big automaker have to let the Pathfinder die on the vine while other automakers are printing money with their SUVs?

    Nissan has lost its way and I wonder how much Ghosn had to do with it.

  4. The maxima turned out to be a watered down version of the concept car, and now we have the Altima, Sentra, and Versa looking like 3rd world copies of the Maxima. Sadly, the new Sentra and Versa are vast improvements over the current cars.

  5. Vince- What is wrong with a design direction? I get that Hyundai took the chess piece approach (which is stupid imo), but many car brands have a design direction which furthers their brand identity. While Nissan is a garbage volume product, I still don't mind that they took this design and applied it across the sedan lineup.

  6. A "design direction" s fine. I don't think it should mean just one design for all models.
    Similarities are OK. It's fine to create a brand personality. But using the almost exact same design over and over is just lazy…

  7. I've hated Nissan design for quite a while, but i like the new Altima and I think this new Sentra is a great looking car. If it drives decently, I'll definitely consider it when my current lease is up.

  8. Another sedan with a back seat suitable only for children and headless adults. But you're right, sedans are the new coupes.

    It would be more interesting if they'd blacked out the triangle below the black strip instead.

  9. Not a fan of Nissan after went with all CVT, ā€œVā€ front grills and low power engines for their crossovers and sedans.

  10. Bad sign when a new model can look greatly improved, but still be near the bottom of it's peer group.

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