2020 VW Golf Interior

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Well, that was quick.
Just after mentioning the VW teaser for their new Golf interior, we have this first picture of the actual thing.
Which looks OK… The whole thing doesn’t look as well integrated as on the teaser (of course)
From the side, that screen does look a bit clunky.
And the bottom part of the dash does look a lot like recent Mazda interior designs.
What do you think??
(More pictures HERE)

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  1. 2020 Golf? We're in the middle of May. So production of the 2020 model should be just weeks away.

    Seems kind of late to be showing such a raw interior at this late stage. (Is it perhaps going to be a 2021 model)?

  2. The Jetta interior isn't going anywhere.

    The Jetta is not sold in Europe (Mostly a US and Chinese product). So VW will keep it the way it is.
    As it doesn't have to match the new Golf.

  3. That can't be the real gauge cluster (not really a cluster as it's just a panel). Why have a sunshade overhang if you are going to stick the gauges out to the lip of the overhang?

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