2020/21 Chevrolet Bolt Crossover/SUV

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It looks like the upcoming new “Bolt based” small SUV/Crossover will look exactly like the picture we saw last year. 
Which is a good thing. 
A nice looking little crossover based on the Bolt should prove quite popular.
I guess its only competition now would be the Hyundai Kona EV.
This is based on the Bolt, so not the all-new EV platform GM had mentioned coming up.
Therefore, specs should be very similar to the Bolt.
More pictures HERE

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  1. This new Chevrolet EV is built on all new platform known as the EV3. Chevrolet new EV is the next generation EV aim for the millennial crowd and not so much targeted of the greenies as the 1st generation Chevrolet Bolt was. It is slightly bigger and more handsome. But I still find it frugly!

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