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Looks like the new 2021 Honda CR-V won’t be too much of a design revolution.
Of course. And why should it be? With over 379 000 of them sold last year, it is Honda’s most popular model in the US. (Next was the Civic with over 325 000)
So this will be a very safe redesign. From these spy shots, we can already see the flat top of the grille.
Like the current Accord.
And, while the rear side window camouflage makes it look like the current model, it seems that the next time around, that window might go down to the tail lights. ( I have a feeling)
The next new Honda we will see soon if the new 2020 Fit. Which should be really interesting. 
And even under camouflage already looks much better than the current version.
Which means the new CR-V will probably make its debut sometime next year. 

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  1. you dirty little bastard… I don't know where you got the back windows to the tail lights; but after i read that I did see it….

  2. At the risk of being an asshole, do I have to point out that this isn't a new generation model nor a 2021 model?

    Do you know a facelift or refresh is? Mid-Cycle update, simple as that. For MY 2020, later this year. Came out in December 2016 as 2017 model.

    You've been in this business for awhile Vince, so one expects you to better understand the nuances and patterns of this industry.

    Anyway, a new, NEXT GENERATION CRV is already signed off regarding new styling, but is 2 and 1/2 years out.

    Honda requires 32 months (36 on large cars) from approval of final styling to start up of assembly and the manufacturing timeline lists September 2021 SOP.

  3. And for that matter, I see a lot of folks misuse terms ever so carelessly. In this Vince, mistook this as a new generation, so "redesign" makes sense.

    As a side note, "refresh" is not a term you use in describing a next generation model, unless it mechanically borrows a lot from predecessor/outgoing generation and is only "new" by marketing BS.

    Refresh is an intra-generational improvement or alteration to a model. I cringe when a number of folks online and ignorant auto show mannequins/stooges get this wrong, referring to next generation models, as it's misleading and confusing.

    Also, a final design test vehicle in camouflage or vinyl disguise/sheathing, is not a test mule, but a prototype in being a working version of a design intended for production.

    Concept cars are not prototypes, unless actually used for development purposes and not simply marketing showpieces. It is rare and expensive to turn a show car with no prior basis, into a production car.

    This 2020 CRV is not a redesign, but a refresh. Only very few midcycle changes, can qualify as redesigns (ie 2015 Camry).

  4. Agreed with the earlier comments…this isn't a new generation but a facelift of the current model that only went on sale a few years ago. That's why it looks so similar.

  5. Agreed. Honda regularly refreshes after year 3, redesigns are 5 or 6 year. Previous generation Civic is the only one to significantly alter this cycle. The Pilot and Civic, introduced in 2016 went thru a mid-cycle refresh for 2019, the CR-V introduced in 2017 is scheduled for 2020. Rarely do you see any changes in stamped sheet metal. Changes will be limited to plastics: bumpers and grills and wheels. Maybe a change in lineup, i.e. an addition of a Sport trim to mirror other Hondas, positioning between the LX and EX. Other than that the same car. Not a redesign.

  6. These pics look a lot like the Honda Jazz teaser pic just released by Honda. I think that these pics might be Vezl (HR-V) which should be introduced sometime next year.

  7. That is a very good idea!
    1.5 is weak from a take off from the street light. Honda please make it a DCT or regular automatic tranny!

  8. That is a very good idea!
    1.5 is weak from a take off from the street light. Honda please make it a DCT or regular automatic tranny!

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