2021 “Mustang Inspired” EV

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This is still just an illustration. Nothing official( I think)

But I actually like it. Sure, the idea of a four-door Mustang could be blasphemous to many.
Add the fact it will be raised up and sold as a crossover and you could have a full on revolution.

But I think this looks quite nice.
Better than other illustrations I have seen.

And it doesn’t really try to be a Mustang either. Just “inspired”. Which is OK.

So far we only know it will get an electric range of over 300 miles (top model only)
And it could be called the Mach-E.

If priced right, this could be quite popular.
I guess the Honda Crosstour was really just a few years ahead of its time…

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  1. That illustration isn't based on nothing concrete. It was "imagined by Autocar."

    Their article goes on to say "the only technical detail Ford has officially revealed is the car’s range: it will be capable of 370 miles of WLTP-certified range on a single charge." That's pretty impressive.

    Seems like everyone is launching an EV crossover. Personally I would be put off by blatant Mustang styling cues, but subtle references would be OK.

  2. I actually know a journalist who saw the real car. And said this illustration was extremely accurate. Almost "official" accurate.
    So I think this is really close to the real thing.

  3. "And it doesn't really try to be a Mustang either."

    What, then, is that very specific logo on the non-grille?

  4. Interesting, but if this is accurate, it's too mustangy for me. From what I've read, Ford will be displaying a concept by the end of the year. If it follows their current practice of concepts being lightly disguised production vehicles, we'll soon know.

    *anything concrete

  5. Is it just me, or does this look quite a bit like the Focus Active they denied us at the last minute, at least in terms of size and proportions? So this is more a replacement for the Focus Electric than the C-Max Energi?

  6. No I would say it's much stalker than the Focus Active was going to be, has more of a Fusion nose, focus middle, and I'm not sure about the boot…. maybe still focus too… but more hippy.

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